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It is important to note that light is the enemy of photographs.  All light gradually destroys photographs, no matter how they were produced. 

To maximize the life of a photograph and ideas on displaying your photographs, there are a few simple things that should be kept in mind. 

  • Framing your photographs, bigger is better, a good photograph will always look good but a larger sized image of a good photograph will look spectacular. 
  • When you are matting and framing the print, use only acid free archival materials. 
  • Frame your photographs and then display them in a low humidity environment and out of direct sunlight. Try to avoid fluorescent light which also gradually deteriorates the image quality 
  • I pack the photographs in sturdy tubes in acid free plastic sleeves, which will help protect the print. 
  • When handling the photographs be careful not to touch the image with your fingers, as the oil on your skin will leave marks on the photographs and also take care not to kink the print as this can ruin the image.


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