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I have had a passion for taking photographs since my early twenties, particularly in black & white in wet film (there was no digital then!)

I embraced digital in 2007 and proved that you can teach an old dog new tricks. However, as much as I love the ease of digital technology, my photographs are not enhanced or altered. I prefer to keep my photographs as true as possible to film.

I love to photograph texture, iconic structures, natural forms, perspective images and juxtapositions of  light affecting the contrasts of images. You will notice that there are not many people in my photographs, unless interesting unguarded moments.

I live and work in Perth, Western Australia and love to travel frequently to photograph whatever catches my eye. Hopefully you will find a photograph or two that engages you.

I have had two exhibitions: 

April 2007 at the Blender Gallery in Joondalup, Perth, Western Australia. This was solo exhibition and was very successful and sold over 40 pieces.

June 2007 at the Blender Gallery in Joondalup. This was a group exhibition and also was quite successful.

I hope you find something that catches your eye or triggers memories of a place you have or want to visit.

Black and White Photography - Noel Berent


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